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Welcome on Misc.jar framework

Here is a framework for the Java application development. It is also used as a educational support.

Right of use

This framework is under CeCILL-B licence (see

What can we find inside this framework?

Useful objects

  • Log : loggin functionnality
  • Config : initial values management
  • Bundle : localisation
  • UpdateSender : changed values notifications
  • ColorCheckedLine : terminal color management for elementary tests in text mode

Fonctions récurrentes

  • Util : set of functions (typically over Swing library) to reduce Java code

Graphics items

  • SpinnerSlider : merge of spinner and slider Swing objects
  • DatePanel : textfield dedicated for date
  • HourPanel : textfield dedicated for hour
  • ImagePreview : image preview accessory for choosing file dialog
  • TitledDialog : icon management for windows application
  • HtmlDialog : Show a HTML page for an application
  • Guide : self documentation tool to highlight next action in a use case

MVC pattern

  • ApplicationManager : button management for drop-down or toolbox menu
  • HelpManager : standard help with localisation management
  • ToolBarManager : docked toolbar management
  • Controller : MVC pattern controller
  • ProgressState : modification model management for graphic progress bar notification


  • XML : work around (old version) Java bug


  • CommandLineServer : generic socket server for human readable protocol
  • CommandLineWaiter : generic actions for human readable protocol
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